Cork is the protecting bark of cork oak, it develops along 9 years after witch it can be extracted from the tree.

Traceability is assured since the harvest of cork through a correct identification of stacks. For this particular stage we use palets in order to avoid any contact with the ground and therefore any possibility of contamination.

After a mininum 8 months' period for stabilization, we boil the cork in water replaced after each batch.

Before assortment (traçamento), cork goes through another stabilization process.

Stoppers are punched.

we place the soppers in a well ventilated storage room with moisture control.

Dimension adjustement of stoppers is thoroughly controlled process.

Ours stoppers washing process guarantees absolute cleanness and desinfection; after each washing a quantification of residual oxidants takes place.

Stoppers are electronically sorted and.

Manually, according to the customers' standard sample.

Final control in labs confirms the efficiency of the surface treatment, its compliance with the established standards and/or with the customers' specifications. Stoppers are finally ready to be used.